The moment at which a song is conceived

This is the moment that Biceratops music is based around. We are creating music in a different way, the idea is to catch creation at its birth, to record the moment a song is conceived. First we create a library, this is an unspecified amount of recorded improvised jams. During the jams, amidst the chaos, there are moments of lucidity, moments where the two musicians lock on to a riff and a beat they like and lock in with one another. Many musicians find these moments when jamming, but our idea is to take these moments at their purest and create a song from them. These segments are taken from the library and pasted together to make one cohesive structure, a song completely made up of musical pieces which neither of us had ever played or heard until that moment it was recorded. The songs are made from riffs the first time they were played, later some keys are recorded, and on certain tracks, our friend Juan Alderete played bass.

Many musicians believe that music is either completely or at least partially a creative force which runs through you, as opposed to something we actually create. The process Biceratops uses to make music is the essence of this theory. Not only do we attempt to catch musical creation at its birth, but we are capturing the sound of two separate artists creating something spontaneous at the exact same time.

The sound of Biceratops is the sound of us tapping in to what ever force is out there, what ever universe we are lucky enough to have a glimpse of, recording it, organizing it, and putting it out for you to hear.  

Biceratops-preview (by technocgak)